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ULTRA ADHD (Amazing Death & Huge Destruction) is a game set in a land with no name. An evil God has brought forth the END TIMES - the apocalypse. The few humans who are still alive hide behind walls, ruled with an iron fist.

An ancient prophecy tells of a legendary hero, who defeated the evil God long ago, brought peace and prosperity to the people, and then mysteriously vanished. Perhaps you would be able to defeat the evil God yourself, and save the world?


  • A story filled with twists and characters.
  • Copious amounts of dialogue (seriously, this game is pretty text-heavy).
  • Many locations to explore.
  • A unique art style which combines 2.5D sprites with modern 3D capabilities.
  • A multitude of playstyles.
  • Multiple endings.

One playthrough takes around 20-40 minutes to complete, depending on your reading speed. Hey, I told you this game was text-heavy.

"Ultra ADHD can be pretty funny, its art is wonderfully garish, and there are multiple endings and Easter eggs to keep you playing for quite some time."

- PC Gamer

"Silent protagonist goes AWOL in land of decent zombies."

- RockPaperShotgun

"It's a fabulous little adventure full of memorable characters, in jokes, stylish artwork, zombie bashing, clever writing, and great twists."

- FreeGamePlanet

"Nigh impossible to put the game down until you finish it."

- Big Boss Battle

"If you got twenty minutes and a fetish for arthouse games that really play with the medium, you cannot do much better."

- Kratzen

Developed by DancingEngie - @DancingEngie

CC-BY music by:

Rrrrrose - Loyalty Freak Music - Bandcamp

Andy G. Cohen - Website

The Freeharmonic Orchestra - Website

Trailer music by Lamprey - Bandcamp



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Ultra ADHD - Windows 86 MB
Ultra ADHD - Mac 90 MB
Ultra ADHD - Linux (64-bit) 93 MB
ULTRA ADHD Sprites and Scripts.zip 1 MB

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can anyone recommend similar games i loved this

i loved every part of this, you just have to love kinda crappy but still fun and good games this will remain one of my fav games forever.

hello, you can make a update in french also 

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Hi, the game was originally created as I was learning Unity. The code does not support localization in any way and rebuilding it would be very time-consuming for such a small project. Unfortunately what you see is what you get :(


this game is beautiful its a masterpiece, and it can even run on my pc which only has the monitor which is... pretty cool cause most games with these beautiful shaders can't run on my pc so, goodwork to you my man.

oh and... how da heck do u shoot/ attack

Hold right mouse button to raise your weapon, then, while it’s raised, hit the left mouse button


thanks dude

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epic award worthy game, w o a h..

Here's some pancakes

wow bro im hungry now

This was a great game to play at 1am


fr bro


I'm not a FUCKBOY!!! :((((

El juego es corto pero bueno 8/10


i fixed the macos version to play this, all you need to do is to install the unarchiver and use that to unzip the zip file to play the game, glad i helped!


alon, thank you for making this game, your a really great game developer even though i have only played this one, i like it when games let me use own names!! heres a picture of a capybara <3


Dear Alon

I'm in a period of looking at 20 different directions with no concept of which one to take. Seeing how this game randomly came into my feed pushed me in a good direction. I'm gonna think through some choices instead of making more fucking lists of them. I don't know why this game made me feel so much better, but nonetheless:



This was.... a bit cute, a bit funny, a bit weird, a bit fun, a bit too much chat.

Overall tho It was different enough to keep you engaged and you had to get to the end to see what happened so story wise it worked and flowed well.


Hey Engie, I assume you wont ever read this as so many people have said the same thing but that message at the end, actually no, the game's entire message was one I really needed. Thanks for making such a fucking MASTERPIECE of a fun but also deep game <3




i just made an account to leave this comment. this game is AMAZING! all endings are unique and the secret ending was beautifully put together. 1000/10 :3


this was an amazing short (but not too short) experience!


Great Game, haven't played something like this in awhile.


I was just downloading games for fun with boredom and I found this game and thought it looked cool. I played the first two endings and stopped not knowing there was more. I looked at the game again finding the secret ending and i have some things to say. 

Engie, if you see this, I want you to know that the last thing you said in the secret ending, "don't let others get in the way of doing things you love" really hit me hard. I don't usually comment on games but ive been having a hard time finding self-encouragement to do anything nowadays. But what you said was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you for being such an awesome and wholesome individual and i hope you make more games in the future :D

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the game was pretty cool :D i kept seeing it, and decided to play it for fun, it was a fun decision to make :) 

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this was top notch man i didn't expect such a wholesome and touching game this was amazing that cut ending was really touching and interesting to hear thank you for it man really fun absolute pleasure to play  

how do i turn up sensitivity?


oo another hebrew speaker? nice


Lots of Israeli references in here too


nice lol


Did not expect a game like this to be so wholesome, i thoroughly enjoyed the game from start to finish and had tons of fun finding all the endings. But the real ending really had me as if i was having a genuine and heartfelt conversation with the dev. Thank you for making this my friend. Hope you'll continue to make more games for everyone. 

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This has more heart than any survival horror shooter ever could, love this and all of its randomness! The music slaps so hard omg even the guitar tune, but especially the one towards the end!

edit: is there like a track list by any chance...? 

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Hi there, thank you very much! Also cheers for reminding me to write an actual organized track list. You can find it here. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for there :)

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not a reviewer, this may be absolute shit, and it may just be the best thing you've ever read. i loved this game. it is one of the best story based games i have ever played. i have never ever gone back to play every ending, but it wasn't even a choice in this game. this game is fucking art. dancingengie, you are very very very good at what you do, and the humor, the characters, genuinely spoke to me. THE CUT ENDING WAS SO PERFECT and i actually did not want to do the thing i was supposed to do. i loved this game. this short, beautiful thing, worked very hard on. you should wear this like a medal. easily the best game ive ever played on itch, and ive played quite a few. i felt genuinely sad when it ended. i wish it would have gone on longer. as a guy with adhd, this spoke to me spiritually. fucking masterpiece.


I don't write that many reviews but when I do I really like the game. And this game blew me away. I was just gonna download it to play some mindless shooter to dull the time away. But by the end I was really enjoying the characters and feeling nostalgic about it. So if anyone is reading this, play the game all the way through it is worth it. And Dancing Engine thanks for the advice I will take it to heart. 


After playing the cut ending, I have just this to say to DancingEngie:

Thank you. That was genuinely beautiful and heartfelt. I had more laughs then I thought I would, and finding all of the endings felt nostalgic in a weird way. While I thought all of them were great, the cut ending really spoke to me. I've been wanting to pursue game dev, but I've been caught up over what I want to do, telling myself I don't have the talent. But that ending genuinely helped me more than you could know.


I downloaded this game expecting an 80's themed psychedelic boomer shooter with some bad writing and weird environments. What  I got was a beautiful  game that helped me to learn not to be so hard on myself, and gave me a bittersweet ending. DancingEngie, I can't wait for more of your games! 10/10 Nonsense,



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Spoilers, obviously. But here are some very telling hints for you, as well as anyone else who’s stuck (Don’t worry, it’s just a pastebin link).


Wow! Crazy, chaotic energy throughout this game. Rocked my world! Loved it!


Loved the game. I said I liked none of the first 3 endings because the last one was probably my favourite.


Came looking for copper and i found gold :)


Beautiful, loved the game. It really got to me ngl. Awesome stuff mate :)

You're amazing


As soon as I saw that the developer put themselves as a character in the game I instantly liked it more, I mean after I tried to put "Fuck you" as my name and the characters actually acknowledged it I knew it was gonna be good but still. I got the pretentious route first, cant wait to unlock the rest when I get some time lmao


as someone with adhd this satisfies my need for absolute random

I am ADHD and that ad is something I would make if I were off my meds, very accurate and funny

im on a mac and the attack button doesnt work


For some reason all of my Mac/Linux builds are in some way broken. It will take a while until I’ll get a chance to update them. For now the best I can recommend is to use some sort of Windows VM or back-channel to play the game.

Damn, the game is not launching with the Linux download for some reason

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Hi, I’ve been made aware of Linux-related issues recently. Unfortunately the issue is more complicated than I initially thought; I don’t use Linux so I can’t really test out Unity’s Linux output. Furthermore, the project files are now about 4 years old and it would take a while to organize and recompile. I hope I can get another Linux build out soon, but due to everything I mentioned, I can’t promise it’ll actually work or bug out again.

For now the best I can recommend is to use some sort of Windows VM or back-channel to play the game.

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That is totally understandable man! If you ever need to test some Linux outputs/Builds in the future (for this game or any other games) feel free to throw me a message anytime. I can download any Linux outputs you send and see if one works. I'm on the latest release of Ubuntu so it is a very popular platform to test on :)

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Hi NextLevel,

I apologize for the wait. I just released a patch that tries to rectify those glitchy non-Windows builds. It’s important to say upfront that I don’t have a Mac or Linux machine at hand to test these builds on. I flipped some switches and optimized settings as best I could, referring to recent tutorials, FAQs, guides I found for advice. Try it out and see if there’s any difference.



This game looks like a dream and definetly has more than i expected, one of my favorite games here!!!.

sorry for my bad english.

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