The Half-Decade Celebration of ULTRA ADHD

It may have been invented by my melted, lockdown-corrupted, nostalgia-addicted mind, but there was this underlying sense back in 2016 of it being “the strangest time in human history” or whatever. Mass uncertainty, political polarization, and a general feeling of just wanting to Get This Shit Over With and start a new page. Can’t be any more trainwreck-y than this, right. Christ, how foolish were we back then.

At any case, today marks the 5th anniversary of the Interactive Improv Theater/Shitpost, Ultra ADHD. I originally wrote a long-ass retrospective essay about it, but I’ll just say this:

Big thanks to YOU. Seriously.

Everyone who played it, loved it, hated it, got confused by it, or reached out to me about it. You the real MVP.

Good night folks.


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has it been that long? wow. was still a blast to play