A downloadable music video game for Windows, macOS, and Linux




"🤩 Amazing" - Elisha Banai

"Play Venus just once and you’ll come away grinning" - Tom Sykes, APC Magazine

* * *

A short first-person parkour game about searching for love high and low AND ALSO shooting red objects with a big, fat revolver. Mirror's Edge crossed with Titanfall 2 with the artstyle of Killer7.

Based on, named after and featuring Israeli rock song "Noga Mechapeset Tzedek" by Elisha Banai & The Forty Thieves. The game is not sponsored by the band, though you should support them if you liked the song.

[ A DancingEngie production ]

[ Playtime: 10-20 minutes]

Full Credits & Attributions List

Speedrun.com Page

inb4: the Hebrew word for "Jupiter" (Tzedek) also means "justice".
This means the original song's title and chorus can be interpreted as "Venus looks for (a) Jupiter", "Venus seeks justice", or both. The original pun was unfortunately lost in translation.
Nevertheless, the game is based around the first interpretation. don't @ me hebrew speakers
Updated 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date May 05, 2022
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(83 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure, Shooter
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity, Audacity
Tags3D, First-Person, FPS, Minimalist, Music, Parkour, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Hebrew (modern)
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast, Interactive tutorial


Venus Looks for Venus Windows (64-bit) 108 MB
Venus Looks for Venus Mac (Intel 64-Bit) 121 MB
Venus Looks for Venus Linux (64-bit) 144 MB
Noga Mehapeset Tzedek (Theme Song) on YouTube

Install instructions

Unzip the appropriate folder, then run the "Venus Looks for Jupiter" executable file.

Mac and Linux versions are untested, though from my understanding of Unity they should work just fine. If you experience issues, try downloading the Windows version and running it using a Windows VM or wrapper.

Development log


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This Game Is Amazing its very unique and feels very polished


a perfect parkour game

cool and beautiful

it has a unique style which if different to other parkour games

you should try this if you are boring in playing games



I absoluty loved this game!


This game was genuinely AMAZING! One of, if not the best indie games I've played! Everything from the graphical quality, to the soundtrack and sequence triggers, to the movement system and satisfying targeting system! Honestly an example of a perfect indie game! 11/10!

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Wow, that is a neat game. Really reminded me of how much I love playing Mirrors Edge. One of my favorite games ever. It was fun playing this, didn't run into any bugs either.


Really enjoyed the game! The music was great and the parkour action was non stop! Had an absolute blast! Hope you enjoy the video! 


I couldn't reach the end of the game but I love it


A very nice short, even if the story was a bit minimalistic.

Thank you for this game. I thought it was really special.


good and short game


Best anime intro ever ;) No really great game


Nice game, was quite the experience. Well done!


good game it better than mirror edge

the movement can be a little more smooth maybe

Maybe add more sensitivity to the game, I feel like I can't really look around. Thanks :)

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Is this after modifying your mouse sensitivity in the options menu? If you did and it’s still janky, I’ll increase the maximum slider value.

Yeah I was on max sensitivity, might be my mouse though.

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Hi, just released a patch that expands the sensitivity sliders’ values. Thanks you for your patience and for giving me a heads-up!

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I love this

 game so much!




היה לי ממש כיף לשחק! מאוד אהבתי את התזוזה וגם את הרגעים שקופצים - זה נותן הרגשה ממש מיוחדת :)

תיקון קטן - fetile --> Fertile בכתוביות

Esta bien perro


I found one more bug that I can fly somehow.

I’m aware of it. I can’t replicate it for the life of me. Even the speedrunner who originally discovered this bug doesn’t know what’s causing it. From what I understand it happens in very specific circumstances that do not hinder casual play. Unless this becomes something truly gamebreaking I’ll let it be, if only for speedruns :)

I have found that the mechanics of that glitch is similar to jumping while crouched (but I'm not sure if that's what causes it) and I have done it twice in two very different circumstances. But in general the game has a lot of bugs but it makes it even more fun to play and speedrun :)


game feels amazing to play, and amazing-er to speedrun.


Thank you very much for playing, O, חשמאלי סמכותי


This game was very good. I loved the art style, the music, the gameplay itself, everything. Definitely recommend.


A wild and stylish experience with punk rock attitude and a romantic heart beating loud and fast. Loved it!


I'm in love with the art style and the mechanics of this game! Hope you make more like it!

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good work! great game


I gotta hand it to you Engie, this is a great game. With the subtle planet sightseeing reference at the window at the beginning referencing the game's title, to the overall blazing fast mechanics of the game itself, everything works together so neatly and creatively into a short and sweet package of fun. I didn't see the speedrun mode in my video, but I will surely try it on my own time! Anyways, whoever is reading this, have a good day. 

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this game was short and sweet, and so fun! i enjoyed the mechanics and it was generally beautiful to look at. unfortunately i never saw the speedrun mechanic pop up after my playthrough, but the community there is awesome too! https://youtu.be/uSuKkS-TSiQ


great game! i saw that it had a speedrun.com link and as a result this is the first game i've somewhat seriously speedran :) keep it up dawg the movement feels great when you can maintain a lot of speed


Really fun, loved the music and platforming, rly recommend <3


very cool game


great game. 10/10


Cool game here's a speedrun


Nice job, put it on speedrun.com


OMG I can't wait to play this it looks super fun Congrats to all the people who worked on this because I can see a lot of work went into this  game


Feels extra smooth right from the menu. Captivating and fun. Nice work! The only things that were a little bit noticeable and could be removed are perhaps the shadow artifacts. Nevertheless, awesome work!


I've just finished the game, it was an amazing experience. I love how the music was synced with the movements and actions I was doing. The game was interactive until the last second, even in the credits, thats amazing!  I loved the final and the design of the map, Congrats for you my friend, I love your work!


I really care about the end credits of movies and games, and yours were fantastic!

Cool game altogether, although trying to read the song lyrics while playing was a bit tricky. Maybe the lyrics could have been a part of the 3d environment, though that could just as well make them harder to read. The song stayed in sync with the run quite well and sounded almost seamless. Bravo!



Aphrodite looks for Zeus




Created an itch.io account just to comment in this game. Absolutely awesome, 10/10! As someone with crippling ADHD finding something that captivates my attention and I actually enjoy is rather hard but this game did it since my first run. The first "story" run is really enjoyable, the music just clicks so well with the game itself. After that the Speedrun mode is just so addicting (said as someone who usually hates speedrunning). The rush of the game, speed, sense of freedom that it can transmit to you is amazing 10/10 would recommend. I'm definitely gonna keep up with the game development (and the speedrunning community, now I want to keep my wr) and I'm really excited about the future of this game <3



Love this game! Really great presentation and top notch game feel. Main bug I did encounter was the ability to mantle on ledges seemed to disappear at one point. I think it might be related to the fact I died right before - had to restart. Fantastic game otherwise!

i tried restarting my game it didnt fix i dont know what to do

(1 edit)

Are you using the latest version (v1.0.3)? I thought I fixed that particular softlock bug. Or are you referring to something else entirely?


ahh i wasnt letting me jump near the trolley and i couldnt fix by restarting or anything. but all is good somehow its working again

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