Patch v1.0.2 - Venus Clips to Jupiter

Patch notes:

  • Vault hitbox detection is better configured when standing right in from of an obstruction. (I’m still looking into the issue but this small fix should rectify most clipping issues players reported/observed in let’s plays.)
  • Increased size of collision boxes of various objects players had a hard time climbing on (e.g. the crane during the final setpiece)
  • Made walljump tutorial easier
  • Added additional explanation text regarding white doors in tutorial
  • Added additional arrows and pointers during the main game
  • Bugfix: players can no longer clip through the ceiling in the wallrun and gun tutorials
  • Bugfix: Players can no longer climb on the ceiling of the “prologue house”, breaking speedrun mode
  • Updated my best speedrun time after replaying the game with the previous update’s speed changes :)


Venus Looks for Venus Windows (64-bit) 108 MB
May 15, 2022
Venus Looks for Venus Mac (Intel 64-Bit) 121 MB
May 15, 2022
Venus Looks for Venus Linux (64-bit) 144 MB
May 15, 2022

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