Patch v1.0.1 - Less camera animations, more momentum!

Hey everyone,

I’m absolutely overjoyed by the positive reception to Venus - it’s proven to my most popular launch by far in quite an unexpected way. I’m grateful to the staff for featuring it on their front page, and I’m extremely happy to hear y’all are enjoying it.

This patch seeks to address some of the most recurring criticisms about the game (and not without merit, of course): the exaggerated camera animations, and the fact that vaulting stops the character’s momentum dead on its tracks, hurting the game’s flow.

  • Added a new option to reduce camera animations, which disables rolling after falling from high places and curbs all other animations
  • Vaulting over obstacles now retains momentum instead of outright stopping it. Movement speed was reduced by 10% to compensate
  • Bugfix: music no longer starts prematurely after restarting the game
  • Bugfix: players can not longer clip through the tutorial area by climbing on top of stagelights
  • Bugfix: game no longer throws exceptions when pausing it during the final setpiece
  • Bugfix: a tutorial checkpoint no longer spawns player character on roof

P.S. There’s a Hebrew sentence in the last credits slide which translates to “Please do not sue me Elisha”. I sent the game over to Elisha for transparency’s sake and he responded saying it looked “amazing” (ענק). While this means Venus Looks for Jupiter is now technically endorsed by its inspiration, I have not removed the aforementioned sentence because it’s funny to me


Venus Looks for Jupiter Windows (64-bit) 106 MB
May 11, 2022
Venus Looks for Jupiter Mac (Intel 64-bit) 120 MB
May 11, 2022
Venus Looks for Jupiter Linux (64-bit) 143 MB
May 11, 2022

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