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One Tank in May - טנק אחד במאי is a short, frantic, 10-minute long first person shooter set in a forgotten battle during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, and inspired by Assaf Inbari's "The Tank" (not yet translated to English).

With little to no military support, the members of Degania Alef, the first Kibbutz, face a tank offensive head on. But surprisingly, almost magically - the tank, and by extension, the enemy offensive - is defeated.

Five real people claim they destroy it. By themselves. Who really destroyed it? How? And does it even matter?

[המשחק כולל תרגום מלא לעברית]

Everyone agrees the tank was destroyed. Everything else is on the table.

Play through the (embellished) war stories and recollections of the five real men who claim to have saved Degania Alef. Find the truth, make you own, or settle for a compromise.

Every story needs a good conflict.

Beat a relentless tank in a mythical, tense, fast-paced arena battle with ever-changing rules. Every shot counts, and a step in the wrong direction could lead to your demise. 

"[S]omething I’m looking forward to experiencing" -IndieGamesPlus

"One Tank In May does a great job of reenacting [the tank destroyers'] efforts." -FreeGamePlanet

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Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Adventure, Survival
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity, Audacity
TagsAtmospheric, Dark, First-Person, FPS, Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Hebrew (modern)
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls


One Tank in May 1.0.1 - Windows 142 MB

Install instructions

[Windows] Unzip, play One Tank In May.exe.

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how do i throw the grenade? seems to be broken

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As the game implies, you have to “climb” (use LMB) the tank to use the grenade


Wow. Just from reading the intro, I'm hooked - very Rashomon. 5/5 stars for teaching me a new bit of history. I don't suppose there's any hope of a Mac version forthcoming?

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Hi there, thanks for playing! Hope you’ll keep going and find the story as fascinating as I did.

As for a Mac build… it’s a bit of an issue. Besides Apple’s gatekeeping “unsigned” software, I don’t have a Mac computer on which to test builds.

I apologize, as I know Mac users need to jump through hoops to play Windows-only games. But I can’t debug a build I literally can’t launch, and I just have to rely on Unity to do a good job - which I really don’t.


Yeah, I don't like it but I get it. A large part of the reason I (and basically everyone in my family) use a Mac is the much higher level of built-in quality-control and bug/malware resistance, and you can't have it both ways - you can't make it easier for people to muck about with the software while also making it harder for people to muck about with the software.

I've been accumulating reasons to figure out an emulator or get a second computer, though, so maybe I'll get around to that one of these days. 

It really is fascinating. I wish there were more resources on this subject. I've been studying the history of the conflict recently, and (like everything) it just keeps getting more complex the deeper I go. Maybe that generates enough demand for an English translation of Inbari's book! (Or maybe I'm statistically the only person whose response to world events is to actually study the history behind them before making a judgement, as the state of Twitter discussions would suggest. We'll see, I guess.)


It was a fun experience. It would be more interesting to do a longer game about the topic (The Arab-Israeli war).This way it is just a part of the forgoten history...


Thank you very much for playing! The game is very much built around that little incident, a weird janky experiment in adapting a small historical moment (and also a book about it) into an actual game. It’ll take a smarter (and more daring) person than I to make a game about the entire war…


I always thought a game like this about one of Israel's wars would be interesting but figured no one would ever make one due to the controversial subject matter. Thank you for making this.

Thanks! Really the main motive behind this game was my interest in forgotten history and the extremely intriguing conflicting narratives/Rashōmon situation that stemmed out of this event. The gameplay doesn’t take itself particularly seriously to boot, which I think helps soften the controversy blow.