Patch 1.0.1 - Difficulty modes


First of all I'd like to give a big shout-out to everyone who have supported One Tank in May, published articles about it, and experienced it as a whole. I have been overwhelmed with interest and love circling the game and it's quite amazing.

I had the privilege of hosting a live playtesting session yesterday. It was very productive and raised some issues I overlooked, which I tried to fix in this patch. I focused on rebalancing the core gameplay loop, adding clear difficulty modes for all audiences, and increasing the game's readability. 

Patch Notes

- Added Difficulty Modes
-- Upon starting the game, players are given the choice between three difficulty modes:
--- Story mode: intended for players who wish to experience the story first and foremost. The tank fires significantly slower, and almost never aims straight at the player.
--- Balanced mode: the recommended difficulty mode for all audiences. The tank fires at a challenging rate, and has a good chance at aiming at the player.
--- Hardcore mode: intended for a second playthrough, or for seasoned FPS players who look for a challenge. The tank fires at an alarming rate, and will hunt the player relentlessly.
-- "Hardcore Mode" option removed from options menu
- Launched Mac version
- Doubled length of tank aim assist line
- Tank hitbox slightly expanded
- Player is able to skip prologue scene if they completed the game at least once
- Fixed Hebrew typo in ending monologue
- Improved clarity in main menu


One Tank in May 1.0.1 - Windows 142 MB
May 22, 2019
One Tank in May 1.0.1 - Mac 167 MB
May 22, 2019

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