How Do You Design a Game Based on a True Story?

In recent years it really fells like documentaries suddenly became really mainstream.

Once considered the domain of niche channels and gravely-voiced dads who sleep in front of the screen, documentaries slowly became fascinating, high-budget cinematic experiences during the last decade. Dramatic scripts, carefully constructed twists and turns, and editing that wouldn’t shame high-profile Hollywood directors - these films, TV series, and podcasts (specifically true crime ones) are now an attraction that glues many to the silver screen. The series that received the main credit for the genre’s resurgence is Netflix’s “Making a Murderer”, but the illustrious “Serial” podcast also deserves a mention.

Audiences are ready and willing to experience real-life stories about real people in exciting and innovative ways. So… why don’t we have documentary video games? Or, at least, ones based on true stories?

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