Credits & Attributions

All assets hereby listed belong to their rightful owners:


Slaughter house ambiance recording [BG] by Audionautics

Finger Snap 01 by Chaosportal

Wind blowing and howling in a plastic bottle, in the desert of Chile. by felix.blume

Savannah Crash Left & Savannah Crash Right by xIceCoffeex

Camera Shutter by mywhats

7 Sidestick by Veiler

Scribble by Tomoyo Ichijouji

Vintage Camera Flash Powder and Shutter by Werra

Rocket Launch by Selector

Pickup by morganpurkis

Film Projector - Long Run with Finish by Stefan021

chugging diesel (bus) and rev by CraftyIndividual (lowered pitch)

Analog Glitch 5 by HunteR4708

BONFIRE_BIG by ActionVFX (Royalty Free license)

Explosion_Fire_Short_[1-5], Concrete_Explosion_[1-2], Glass_Explosion_2 by ActionVFX (Royalty Free license)


Textures modified from

Degania Tank Plaque by Dr. Avishai Teicher (CC-BY)

Degania Alef tank monument by Yoavd (used in promo art, CC0)

Degania Alef photos from 1948 [1] , [2] by the National Photo Collection of Israel (used in promo art, CC0).


Unity Particle Pack by Unity Technologies:

MC-1 Toon Tank by Alexander Shukharov

Free SpeedTrees Package by SpeedTree:

Bottles Pack by Sevastian Marevoy

Old Radio "Alpinist" by IL.ranch

Builders Torch by RRFreelance

Hand Grenade by Google (CC-BY):


Post Processing Stack v2 and Cinemachine by Unity Technologies
TextMeshPro by Stephan Bouchard

Available through Unity's Package Importer

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