"If that’s not a defining image of catharsis, I don’t know what is." (Motherboard)

"Might make you extremely uncomfortable [...] the perfect parody for Bethesda's tentativeness [...] and forces the rest of us to reckon with our hypocrisy." (PC Gamer)

"The guns are cooler." (Kotaku)

The following game is a parody of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus
It is not affiliated or authorized by MachineGames, Bethesda Studios, or ZeniMax Media. Please don't sue us.

For reference, here's how the game was censored in Germany.

And here’s how it was restricted in Israel.

For German readers, here's a review of these events, including an interview with Wolfenstache's designer.

The story of the Bethesda's self-censorship and the public discourse around game censorship in Germany has evolved a little since we published Wolfenstäche, we try to follow the news and update here periodically:

December 2017 UPDATE:

We noticed W2:TNC quietly appeared on the Israeli PSN store over the weekend, and as far as we know, this is the first time it happened since the franchise reboot in 2014. No official word from Bethesda yet, but perhaps our game (and the significant media coverage around it) got to them?

August 2018 UPDATE:

Reports are everywhere that Germany is softening its Nazi symbols ban, following a long public debate that Wolfenstäche was part of. Not the achievement we set out for, but an achievement nonetheless.

March 2020 UPDATE:

The New Order and Youngblood have been made available on Israeli Steam and GOG online stores. The New Colossus still remains hidden: is Nazi collaboration with KKK where Bethesda draws the line? (we were able to find TNC with a direct URL, but there is no store link leading to it). Meanwhile, on the German side, we saw reports that the uncensored version of TNO was made available in Germany somewhere around late 2019. Progress?

Designed by Shalev Moran

Developed by Alon "DancingEngie" Karmi

Art by Nadav Hekselman

German Translation by Benedikt Hummel


Wolfenstache: The Windows Build 110 MB
Wolfenstache: The Mac Build 116 MB
Wolfenstache: The Linux Build 120 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and play EXE file.

Development log


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I rate this 73 9mils out of 62 mustache-less upperlips

As a German, I share your opinion. The Verfassungsschutz is probably gonna view me as a nazi for saying this, but this was fun. The German translation was good, the design was great.

Why wont load am sad


קצר  מידי  .  אבל  אהבתי.  אשמח  לראות  משחק  מלא  ממכם


Heh heh heh



this is the best game ever, truly an experience. i played this with a friend and we just realice the joke in the name and the fact that you are shooting hitlers moustache(also hitler without moustache is the most cursed thing i had ever seen)




ich.io is one of the only places where you can play a game about shooting hitlers mustache with a gun that uses the star of david for a sight. fucking love this site. Yahweh bless.


Ideal game 12 mustache/10


Satire aside, the shooting and control felt surprisingly good for such a small project


nein out of ten

ummm al i have is a black screen




some how they know im a jew.

GrEaT game

more mustaches.


best game ever make it longer


Well done! Definitely should be on Steam.


Fscking brilliant!

(1 edit) (+3)


Also, the mustaches sound like Waluigi saying "Wahhh!".




'and there's no need to pretend they aren't fucking nazis'

But they aren't Nazis, they're Hitler Mustaches...


This game was exactly what it needed to be, and it was exactly as long as it needed to be. 5/5 staches!


Thanks for the 3-tier Binary Unity Builds!!!  HTML5WebGL is just CRAP! Requires more resources and CPU. JS/browsers sucks not my machine :/


i cackled out loud for the first 30 seconds and then gigled another 20 then for 10 seconds i grinned and after that i was like ok how many fucking mustaches are gonna go myeah at me until i can move on then the game ended

(1 edit) (+4)(-1)

The idea is cute, and the point clear. But after finishing it I'm left with an undeniable feeling of, is that it?

The shooting was basic, no reloading or aiming and the health regen made the process more tedious then it needed to be.

Ironicaly I enjoyed the lead up part way more then the "actual game".

Conclusion: cute idea, but severely lacking in execution.


This looks fun




I love your games DancingEngie and this was just hillarious!