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Great game.


Sir, this could be a plot for a short story of any kind.

It could be longer, like 30 minutes or so, maybe a movie or an animation.

Too bad I don't have the resources to do anything ambitious like this, but this is an ideal horror story.


So it's a WWII game, right?


It takes place during WW2, but not in WW2, if that makes sense

So you mean it takes place in a country that is neutral or untouched the WWII


Interesting, however I expecting to play a little bit more to understand why "we had to do" it. But okay, funny, it's playable.

WWHTD is 1st one

Eh, fair enough. Been interested in making a shorter more interpretive story for a while and I agree it’s too obtuse in hindsight. Thanks for giving it a try tho


you did it again


fair enough


All else aside, that is the biggest damn lighter I have ever seen.

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Lol, yup. That’s the sort of compromise one has to take to make sure players can find a puzzle item in a low-res, high-FOV game


This is by far my favourite horror game I've played on this platform so far. The sound design, story and the thing you did with the crash. I really liked how picking up the gun had "FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK" all over it lol


omg this graphic is the best


Gave it a Let's Play 


"Nevertheless, if you experience any crashes, know that your progress was saved; just relaunch the game. You should find yourself in a similar spot."

I see what you did there.  

Great game!


Awesome graphics and smooth gameplay. A 7-minute gameplay. Burn trees and dead guy in a loop but in different years. A gun can be summon later at the end. Overall great game!


Very interesting story.


short and sweet! very good