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Hello there. This game overall was quite good and I hope that multiple endings could have been implemented and maybe the story could have lasted slightly longer that it is now.

Here is my gameplay of the game, please support my channel. Thank you 


Nooiiice! Liked it a lot. 

But was this supposed to happen at the end?  :))





Can't relate, I, for one, wecome the sweet release of  death.  See you tomorrow mysterious monster man,  stay classy (and please do come end my suffering)

What a spoopy and creepy game to play during the Halloween season!

i played it 4 times it's the same ending to mater what you do , nice trick mate :)

that was amazing, the ending i got, was the glitch with the words "i'm coming to get you" over and over. Instantly gave me chills. love this game <3


I love the error at the end, Did you set that up or is my computer crappy?

I got the same thing

Ye me too

Decent game good concept, my only problem is i wish you built on it more give us more ways it could play out but otherwise a fun ten min experiance 

Lol not going to lie, the ending freaked me out. And at the same time something popped up on my laptop saying error. (not your fault tho. My laptop is a tad bit  old but it freaked me out nonetheless) 😂😂

I'm pretty sure that's part of the game haha. Saying because that happened to me too :P


Lol oh okay. That makes sense.

i did not know if he ending was real or not XD


Cool and gave me the creeps! It heavily reminds me of annie96, and if it's inspired by it then you did a good job. Though, I would have to say that giving choices to the player is nice and has more interaction with the game, it is a bit disappointing that the choices don't really matter in the end. 

oh ok

this was actually amazing

what the heck dude


It seriously wouldn't let me close out of the message on my screen and I started to freak out more than I did actually playing the game. XD Thank you Chromebook for being so old


Short, and predictable. It's a little unfortunate that all choices only lead to one ending. I was hoping for more :(

Bro I'm scared 

that was not a real crash :)


Was Unity supposed to "crash" or is that a real crash?


I know what this is based off of... there is this creepypasta sorta thing called emily is typing and the same events transpire i find it interesting you made a game based off of it i thought there would be a branching storyline though its sad that its a linear game with only the illusion of choice

I enjoyed it slightly, it was super easy to tell wut was gonna happen, Funnily I made up a creepy pasta years ago {like 10 years ago}  that was called "The Gentlemen" it was a guy in a suit but he had a old TV for a head, I never put it up tho

I guess thats the reason i decided to play this lol

damn that was good af, I could tell what was gonna happen lmao

How that was not what i expected, but it was an great game 

cant wait to see whats next

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Bless me that the Javascript isn't updated yet in my laptop that whatever would come out after those creepy text doesn't scare my heart away :'D (a cliche concept like annie96 is typing and the reaction of BadGuy seems not variative enough.... Nonetheless, it is thrilling 0_0 )

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I got so scared that I literally slammed my laptop shut and  got up from my chair at the end before I could let the game crash on its own.  

It was embarrassing  and awkward to say the least ... (^ ^")

How did you make this? What engine??? I'm dying to make something similar to this ... T_T


Gave it a go...


Neat idea. Bit too short to ever amount to anything, though.



The spook was REAL.

The words of the person you're chatting with aren't showing up.

Was the game suppost to crash at the end?


This is amazing please make more because I wanted to make it a youtube series I would definitely help spread the word on youtube to YouTubers all around and gain it some more attention that is very much deserves 

My fudging computer was overheating at the end. Holy macaroni.




why did i play this at 4am god

the scariest thing was how much my computer was ventialting when playing this


hey umm no words poopped up for me only repl y messages like studying and nothing much but nothing else what wrong with mine???





Dude... my hair stood straight up...



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