A short interactive fiction/choose-what-you-say adventure game taking place entirely in an IRC conversation between two friends.

Chrome Recommended for WebGL version. You can also download the game below.

Made for #BiteSizedHorrorJam

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
TagsExperimental, Horror, supernatural, Text based
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Unzip. Open exe.


Typing_Windows.zip 13 MB


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lamo this was cool i got an error at the end tho and its like 3 am so scared 

also my dad knocked on the front door and i almost died


this reminds me of a texting story but idk the name of it





lol you have discord?

i do i can give you mine

yeah i got discord. 

but i dont have my phone and idk my tag

lol heres mine then Anime.Loser#8872 ;-;


Really cool how I got an error at the end of the game!


yeah that made me uncomfortable


is there a way to win

No. This game was made for a short-form text adventure contest, so there is only one ending.


very creepy 10 out of 10 did scare me

Hi, here's my video on this game:

jesus that caught be off guard lmfao

Imagine the notification bomb this would have if it was real(But that would be the least important problem if it was real)


okay was my computer supposed to crash saying there was a problem with the javascript after he said he was coming to get me?


It did that to me too but with an error but yeah i think its on purpose


Yeah same kinda weird

Same...kinda weird

(1 edit)

Very nice. How kind, Mr. Badbadnotgood. He was "fine" waay too quickly...

Was a really good game! The creepiness was instantly put into play when the other person started talking about wanting to really come over to the player's house and kept insisting that it happens. The story was interesting and when the texts starts going crazy and spamming it becomes vert creepy and scary in a really good way! The only thing that I found was a little weird was that the game was trying to emulate an old school computer screen and because of that, the text and the names were a little cut out of the screen itself so it couldn't be read properly. 

But other than that, it was a really well made short game and was pretty fun and creepy! Good job on it and good luck on future games!

did look real fr


Playing it at night with storm outside is next fucking level

Its looks real


It really looks realistic for that I have an alert tho XD


Neat game, kinda short but it was pretty entertaining. Nice error.


The real error made it so realistic, I was terrified until I saw the comments, VERY relieved that was supposed to happen. VERY good ending to a cool game


good game


I really liked the real error after the crash, it made the game feel quite real. The sound effects also made it very immersive, super job there! I played this in a video, it's the first game in it :)


i played this on browser, and an error message popped up.. like outside of the game. not sure if that was intended (it was a unity related error) ut it was still freaky. good game!


Was short and seems like there's no resolution but I liked it for what it is. I actually got so scared I tried to exit the full screen because I was afraid there was going to be a jumpscare so the "ending" only flashed at me for a split second so I went back and played a second time. That's a good touch.

This looks scary :-()

That crash ending was unexpected woah good game


Nice little game, love how i t crashes after the "coming to get you". Makes it almost more real. It wasn't exactly scary-scary, but it was spooky and for what it is, I love it. Very well made!



It wouldn't continue after the what's up


Literally got an amber alert right after the game.




oh hail to the no, to the no no no hail to the no


I was like ...oh? OH! NOPE. 


for real though... i'm a lil shook lmao


That was short but sweet with a unexpected endin


Fun short thriller. Loved the creative setting and the ending.


Great atmosphere and unexpected ending that was executed perfectly. I like the ability to choose your own name.

Incredibly entertaining! I had an idea for an entry based around a teen working at a Dairy Queen in the 1970s running into a creepy older co-worker who's later a famous serial killer. The killer entertains as a 🤡 at a party the teen attends, one where a friend disappears. I couldn't write it because it was too disgusting. I recommend instead a free chat story - type Android app called Captivating for just slightly more pleasant scary chat stories. Or try Captivatedchat.com for iOS users. I may write the clown story for that site if the creepy feeling fades enough! It would be based on Gacy.



Nice work, dev.

Short but sweet :-)

Definitely nailed it, congrats and thank you!


Woah holy crap my soul has left my body and may never return


bro i swear, my heart stopped for sec. it was fun, i actually did get scared, you did good!

is it part of the game where it stops after is sends a lot of "I'M GONNA GET YOU"??


ohh ok, so there is no escape from it?? it literally took my soul out


Bruh, the game crashed, I can't get it to run...

Wait, I think I heard something outside...


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