Credits & Attributions

All assets hereby listed belong to their rightful owners:


“Man Getting Hit” by Under7dude (CC0)

“hurt01” by deleted_user_3330286 (CC-BY-NC)

“male_hurt13” by michalg (CC0)

All other music and SFX created by Alon Kaplan


“3d hospital bed” by 3dstudios (Royalty-free)

“Wheelchair” by Google (CC-BY)

“Crutch and IV Drip” by Matt LeMoine (CC-BY)

“Skeleton” by Diego Luján García (CC-BY)

All other models created by Max Kogan


“Walk” by Delapouite (CC-BY)

“Hand” by Lorc (CC-BY)

Health icon adapted from “Heart” by Lorc (CC-BY)

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