A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are not supposed to be here.

They are hunting you. 

Blood must be shed for peace.

You take on the role of Peacechange, a renegade, sentient AI warrior with superhuman combat abilities. Since you are unfinished, each shot you fire chips away your health. Aim accurately or die.

Peacechange is a low-poly "run-fast-and-shoot-faster" game for Game Maker Toolkit's Game Jam. Your health represents both your vitality and your ammo.

  • Enter a minimalist world full of bullets, explosions, indie hip hop and shady investigations.
  • Customize variables to make the game as challenging as you want.

Note: Peacechange is optimized for 16:9 screens. Also, if you experience lag, try reducing the resolution and quality in the Unity launcher, as well as disabling gore particles in the in-game options menu.


Peacechange - Windows 23 MB
Peacechange - Mac 27 MB
Peacechange - Linux 31 MB

Install instructions

Unzip. Play.

Read README file for credits.

NOTICE! You may experience a bug that makes the game extremely laggy. It only lasts for one runthrough, so either force-quit the game and relaunch it, or intentionally fail the run and restart in-game.


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A nice game, but you should add new weapons, and a campaign with differents levels maybe.

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Great fun, the draining health gives the game a really good pace. My only criticism is that it lacks color; enemies are difficult to quickly distinguish from the background.