A first-person game where you must use text adventure-like commands to survive.

Earn points on kills.

Watch your ammo.

One hit and you're dead.

Good luck.

- - -

Created by DancingEngie for the 7DFPS Game Jam 2022

Revolver sprite adapted from Pepperbox Revolver by Tuuttipingu on SketchFab (CC-BY)

Please make sure to relax your fingers every few runs. No, really.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, First-Person, Hand-drawn, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Sprites, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, High-contrast, Interactive tutorial


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love this, actually is super fun. Would like to see more of this in some way. Could also be a cool party game


Very nice game and concept. I never experienced rushing to type four keys to fire in an fps. The revolver is has a satisfying mechanic I'd say although getting too much cramped with those bots and the guy with katana is troublesome. Maybe a double barrel shotgun will also fit this type of game. Still waiting for a full release.




An incredibly cool game. A concept I have never seen before. The design of the UI is indescribably beautiful and the way of spawning enemies is good, with one problem that while I was playing, I saw that sometimes the game tends to spawn a clock monster on one side (and then it moves in the middle) and a boulder in the middle. The problem with this combination is that there is no way to get rid of it unless you move to the left or right side (which may already be occupied by other monks).

But good game and great concept !!!


As a collector of antique pepperboxes and derringers, this game is pretty much the coolest thing ever.  The use of a text adventure parser to reload and fire is a novel approach to replicate the time-intensiveness of the act of shooting one of these things.  Great game!

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I had the chance to handle a single action revolver of some kind before The Pandemic. Think it was a S&M but don’t remember.

The fact these old guns have a genuine learning curve makes actually loading and firing them oddly satisfying, and that’s what I was trying to replicate with this game. Glad I managed to hit that very specific niche:)


What a cool premise and great vibe

Would be sweet to type some different words than cock and fire all the time, like maybe each enemy has a word it gets killed by

Love it

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Very interesting and fun but too hard my slow ass cant survive for two minutes


oh wow, funny, i also made a text parser FPS for the jam. you've done beautifully with actually trying to wrangle it into something playable (whereas i just played up the obtuseness). the three lanes, cocking and reloading your gun are inspired design decisions, they work really well. great sound and juice as well, and the graphics are very charming.

you could probably incentivize the player to go on the attack more - currently it's easier to avoid enemies and be very selective about when to attack.

Thanks! Figured I won’t be the first to make a first person parser, but at least I can try going for style over substance.

It’s true, you can cheese out the game. I did try to implement a constantly depleting HP meter you fill by killing stuff or by moving. It solved the issue, theoretically at least, but it felt like cheesing the player right back. I wanted a tight game with no wasted commands or superfluous elements.

Eventually I opted for a simple combo system and a few enemies that block your path and change lanes. Is it enough? Not really, and had I had more time I would have enhanced the spawn algorithm and added more enemy variety to truly create a more dynamic experience. But I’m happy with what I got.


My first thought was simply taking damage any time you let an enemy pass, like in a tower defense or something. But I get wanting to keep the game clean. It's a fantastic result for the timeframe and the experimental idea.

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Which was also something I threw around in my head! But opted to not use it just to keep it tight - one hit and you’re dead.

Y’know, in hindsight I think that had movement been a 2-character command instead of 4 or 5 players would instinctively move more just by virtue of how easy it would have been. Thanks for the kind words though, appreciate it.


OK thats a dub for sure good job mate!


Very interesting concept! Amazing game!


This was a really fun game! It can be stressful, but that's not a big problem.


Fun! But seriously- you made it to make people type cock a bunch of times

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The main inspiration for this game came after spending an hour chatting with ChatGPT and thinking, “huh, I can make a 7DFPS game out of typing.”

The secondary inspiration was revolvers and, uh, yeah, funny word.

My 7dfps also features a revolver :)