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Wow! Crazy, chaotic energy throughout this game. Rocked my world! Loved it!


Loved the game. I said I liked none of the first 3 endings because the last one was probably my favourite.


Came looking for copper and i found gold :)


Beautiful, loved the game. It really got to me ngl. Awesome stuff mate :)

You're amazing


As soon as I saw that the developer put themselves as a character in the game I instantly liked it more, I mean after I tried to put "Fuck you" as my name and the characters actually acknowledged it I knew it was gonna be good but still. I got the pretentious route first, cant wait to unlock the rest when I get some time lmao


as someone with adhd this satisfies my need for absolute random

I am ADHD and that ad is something I would make if I were off my meds, very accurate and funny

im on a mac and the attack button doesnt work


For some reason all of my Mac/Linux builds are in some way broken. It will take a while until I’ll get a chance to update them. For now the best I can recommend is to use some sort of Windows VM or back-channel to play the game.

Damn, the game is not launching with the Linux download for some reason

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Hi, I’ve been made aware of Linux-related issues recently. Unfortunately the issue is more complicated than I initially thought; I don’t use Linux so I can’t really test out Unity’s Linux output. Furthermore, the project files are now about 4 years old and it would take a while to organize and recompile. I hope I can get another Linux build out soon, but due to everything I mentioned, I can’t promise it’ll actually work or bug out again.

For now the best I can recommend is to use some sort of Windows VM or back-channel to play the game.

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That is totally understandable man! If you ever need to test some Linux outputs/Builds in the future (for this game or any other games) feel free to throw me a message anytime. I can download any Linux outputs you send and see if one works. I'm on the latest release of Ubuntu so it is a very popular platform to test on :)

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Hi NextLevel,

I apologize for the wait. I just released a patch that tries to rectify those glitchy non-Windows builds. It’s important to say upfront that I don’t have a Mac or Linux machine at hand to test these builds on. I flipped some switches and optimized settings as best I could, referring to recent tutorials, FAQs, guides I found for advice. Try it out and see if there’s any difference.



This game looks like a dream and definetly has more than i expected, one of my favorite games here!!!.

sorry for my bad english.


very very very cool game

runs very smooth on my macbook,

it gave me goosbumbs.


that. cut. ending. tho. Yes. Yes. Yes. Just when i thought it couldn't possibly get better. Woot mcfriggin crackle I loved this masterpiece. 


really fucking love this game. Everything about it is just everything i want to see in little games like this. thank you for giving me something to do during this quarantine. I screen shared it with some friends and we had an amazing time having certain characters to read the lines of. i hope you are doing well. :D


Ayy, glad you had fun dubbing the game. My top priority was to make a fun experience. Quarantine’s limiting but thankfully I’m doing fine.

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 Ultra ADHD (which stands for Amazing Death and Huge Destruction) is much more than it looks. I played the game, thinking that it was just going to be another game about adventure and violence, but there is much more. You can't fully experience the game without completing all of the endings, especially completing the secret ending. After seeing the secret ending, I felt... inspired. 

Firstly, the sarcastic remarks and witty humor make this game unique. The dialog made me believe those characters are real people. I actually burst out laughing many times when playing this game, especially when I was too lazy to give myself a name and left the box blank. The nickname they gave me made me laugh. 

Secondly, I love the characters. The characters are a bit one dimensional (literally and figuratively) but I am still happy with the way they are. I can relate to all of the characters and still not feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the story or how the characters look. 

Lastly, I love the way the true reason behind the game was introduced, not only do you "become friends" with the creator, (I wanted to literally become friends with Alon Karmi after that secret ending) but you also get a grasp of what games should really be about. 

That is why I love this game. 


I found this game completely by chance, and I realize that it's been a long time since the release, but having been diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, and living with it for such a long time, I was curious to see what this game had to offer, and I have to say, I wasn't disappointed. Was this game a representation of ADHD, not really. Was this game extremely entertaining and all over the place, in such a way that it keeps my ADHD brain's attention? Absolutely. I had so much fun playing this game, and I hope everyone else will too! Here's the video of me playing it if anyone is curious about it! 


I loved it! I still can't tell if this game is about ADHD (the neurological disorder) or not but either way its all-over-the-place-ness really encompasses what having ADHD is like, to me anyway. I really liked the secret end, it felt like I was actually having a heart-to-heart with someone.

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You should make a game about anxiety next

Edit: the "FUCK YOU YOU ARE A HORRIBLE EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING" option in court is fucking epic. I have gotten the pretentious ending, and the ADHD ending. I'm surprised that you didn't add any big easter eggs for your bossfight.


This game was wicked funny! I love the self aware shit xD The entirety of it really caught me off guard, Freaking Self righteous zombies.... anyways! Here is my play through of it! i really enjoyed this game!


amazing game and after the secret ending I feel like I made a new friend.

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about things

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Incredibly charming, quirky, nonsensical and funny - I found "DancingEngie" affable and relatable in the secret ending; I love to hear from developers after thoroughly enjoying their game. You wanted to keep up with all the hip indie games? I think this is a masterpiece in itself. Beautifully executed, loved the sprites, graphics, dialogue, all of it. I don't even care, the cliches were awesome. Well done. 

I wish I could be as rebellious as the 16th sheep ngl 

(I've edited this comment like 10 times but the advice you gave at the end about how like, "if you make games you're a dev," really inspired me, I actually thought about it in relation to my art and music etc. I actually physically smiled throughout most of this game. Thank you for this experience dude.)

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Good game!

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As soon as I saw this i immediately thought "Hey, I have ADHD, why not play a game about... ADHD?"

I watched the trailer but I haven't played it yet.  It looks cool.

i'd mention other "disorders" that I have but here's 1 instead of all of 'em: Anxiety 


I love this game so much and so I made a video on it.  


Engie bro I just need to know how much crack you smoked before you made this


I really like the game, but the first zombie forest part freaked me out (Mostly the sounds)


One of the best indie games I have ever played, absolutely hysterical

Unfortunately, there seems to be something going wrong with my system (Windows 10), as I can't interact with the phone. Pressing E doesn't yield any action. I can move around fine though.

Try rebinding the Use key in the launcher.


4th wall breaks, Hilarious dialogues, and weird content is all I could ever ask for a game :D

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me:*loads up game*

me:*goes to phone*



me:*turns on game again*

me:*goes into church*

me:*gets stuck on candle*

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Yeaaaaaah, sorry about that, old engine bug. I'm going to upload a 2nd anniversary update next week that fixes that (and other bugs) as well as new content.


This Game Gave me the Giggles 11/10

im curious aside from people having adhd is that how they feel in a way that turns you in to there perspective

Amazing game, was really funny!


I seriously love the concept of the game,its funny,there's some references i know and to top it all off,it has 4th wall breaks

This game is so good.

We enjoyed it very much.

Great work.

Keep it up and we want more games !!!

The game is really cool. I loved it! Thank you!

Hola amigos, Lots of LOLZ and wasnt what I was expecting. GUILTY OF ADHD | Ultra ADHD


Hey, I just want to tell you that I really liked this game. The overall look and aesthetic was really amazing. :> The whole game was really relatable especially in the ADHD way.

Thank you for playing, and thanks for your kind words :)


i got very confused at this game and lol made a vid of it .


IDK WTF is wrong with my mental state... but this game might have made it worse LOL That art style is SEXY AF... AGAIN: Shot Dog is a bitch. Can't wait to "kill" the developer !!

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