Credits & Attributions

Directed, developed and (poorly) drawn by DancingEngie


Fungus by snozbot


Drum Samples by MusicRadar


“Scenery”, “Harbor”, “Chance”, “Oecumene Sleeps” by Kai Engel

Licensed under CC-BY

“Not On The Bus” by US Army Blues

Licensed under CC-0

“120 BPM Drum Loop 1” by esares

Licensed under CC-0

“Drums Funk Groove 4 Drumroll Ride” by RutgerMuller

Licensed under CC-0

“Guitar Strum Percussion Loop [150bpm]” by deadrobotmusic

Licensed under CC-0

“Wildflowers” is a work of fiction. Characters, organizations, places and events are either a product of the imagination or used fictitiously.

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Mar 31, 2023