The Lore That Wasn't

I have to come clean. I have only worked on this project for around 24 hours, from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon. This is due to the fact that here in Israel, Sunday is a working day, meaning I could not complete nor submit my entry on Sunday. Plus I desperately need a good, long sleep. Thankfully, Peacechange is a game with a very small scope, and all gameplay mechanics I had planned made it in. One thing that didn't, however, is the backstory.

Peacechange is not only a semi-catchy title. It refers to a physical manifestation of an AI that went rogue in the game's universe. Its original purpose was to promote the worldwide peace process, but after a series of events, Peacechange rebels and escapes.

The player would be slowly exposed to the game's lore by reading through UN reports about the incident. These reports were inspired by the (simiarly unused) Jaco's Reports from Killer7. Due to the aforementioned time constraint, it all never came to be. 

In-game, a random report would show up suddenly after the player killed a certain number of enemies. After reading, the internal counter would reset, and the player needed to reach the next milestone to read another report. The system had the novel goal of increasing replayability by revealing pieces of the puzzle. It also served as writing practice for me personally.

The Lore, in Brief

Essentially, a group composed of hundreds of international scientists, researchers and AI developers invent the world's first fully functional Quantum supercomputer. While, to the public eye, it was seen as a way to solve all previously unsolvable scientific anomalies, the team decides to secretly develop an AI for the supercomputer to automate the research and better humanity. 

Affectionately called mAIya, the supercomputer could, given enough data, solve not only scientific questions, but geo-political ones as well. Gradually, mAIya begins to learn about the human condition and various conflicts around the world. It then gave out tangible plans, detailing how to solve every single conflict in the world.

Taking note of this, the team began Project Storyteller, and, through a series meticulously planned and calculated moves, international conflicts were slowly being solved without a single soul taken in the process, starting with the Kashmir Conflict. 

With world peace almost in reach, mAIya decides to construct a physical manifestation of itself to aide the peace process. The research team protests, but mAIya does so in secret. The result is Peacechange, a separate AI governed by mAIya. However, the team discovers mAIya's efforts, limits her power, and puts Peacechange in a special prison.

That's pretty much where I got to before I realized that the reports system could not be implemented.

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