A downloadable game for Windows

Firehead is a fast paced 2D shooter-platformer with amateurish, hand-drawn graphics, because why not.

The player must survive an endless wave of rapidly spawning enemies (from the sky, mind you) while collecting weapons and avoiding getting blown up by red explosive barrels, getting blown up by bombshells, shot at, or even engaging with the invaders in any way that isn't "fight or flight".

Hilarity ensues.

Firehead was created in 48 hours as part of a self-imposed Game Jam to motivate me to create games and hone my skills.

August 21 - Patch 1

- Added "Camera Shake on Explosions" toggle

- Added 3 cynical game over strings

- Fixed character not dying when out of bounds

Install instructions

Unzip. Press Firehead_v11.exe. Enjoy the shape genocide.


Firehead Patch 1.zip 16 MB